Workers Compensation

Administer your worker’s compensation program, and protect employees, at AFC Urgent Care Lakewood 

If your employee has been injured on the job, they are protected by workers’ compensation, mandatory insurance governed by state and federal law. At AFC Urgent Care Lakewood, our experienced medical providers are familiar with occupational medicine and helping all of your employees’ return to work as quickly and safely as possible. 

Our doctors are specially trained in occupational medicine and we have experience treating all types of workplace injuries with compassionate care. Our urgent care clinic in Lakewood has short wait times, convenient hours, and our patients trust us to stand up to our motto of “Right Care, Right Now.”

If you have additional questions about our worker’s compensation programs, please contact our team immediately. 

Worker’s Compensation in Lakewood, CO

Worker’s compensation claims filed require specific details include the nature of an accident, the degree of injury or illness, time, date, pre-existing medical conditions, and other key details about your employee. At AFC Urgent Care, our team can help guide you and your employees through the specific needs to properly and accurately file a worker’s compensation claim. 

Our provider team also coordinates any medical services related to your workers comp claim as well as other resources: 

AFC Urgent Care Lakewood Workers Compensation Services 

  • Injury treatment
  • Follow-up appointments
  • Communication regarding employee work status
  • Record keeping
  • And more

Was Your Employee Injured at Work? Choose AFC Urgent Care Lakewood.

We know that filling out forms and worrying about the red tape involved with workers’ compensation is a hassle, especially when dealing with an injury preventing your employee from doing their job. The wellbeing of your worker is our primary focus, and we will help you with the process of treatment, recovery, and returning to work again.