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Urgent Care vs ER in Lakewood, CO

Urgent Care vs ER at Urgent Care & Walk-In Clinic in Lakewood, CO

How to effectively use your local Urgent Care, Walk-In Clinic.
A comparison to the Emergency Rooms:

There are many differences between Emergency Room and Urgent Care Centers, or Walk-In Clinics. There’s a time and reason for the Emergency Room, but effectively using Urgent Care or Medical Walk-In Clinics in lieu of ER will save you lot’s of time and money. Two things most of us don’t have enough of!

Lets simplify things…

The Emergency Room is a facility where you’d want to bring life threatening cases or symptoms. Examples: heart attack, gun shot wounds, extreme asthma-attack, etc.

Urgent Care or Walk-In Clinics are medical facilities where you can bring anything non-life threatening. Such as, sniffles, coughs, fever, injury, illness, breaks, sprains, scrapes and bumps, bruises or to have prescriptions re-filled when your regular doctor is not available.

Urgent Care Centers have extended hours to make access to health care more convenient and hassle-free for today’s busy families and lifestyles. Open 7 days a week, Evenings and Weekends! No-Appointment Needed!

Make sure you get to know your local Urgent Care Centers because not all urgent care centers and walk-in clinics are equal and they don’t offer the same services. For example, not all urgent care or walk-in clinics are staffed with physicians, have x-rays, laboratory services or pharmacy services, which limits their ability to treat complex illnesses and injuries. These limitations could end up wasting your time and money.

We recommend American Family Care (AFC) Urgent Care because their Centers are Level IV Facilities. American Family Care (AFC) charges are comparable to prices of a Level I or II Medical Clinic, but offer so much more! American Family Care (AFC) Facilities are level IV because they have Physician On-Site Everyday, X-Ray, Laboratory Services and In-House Pharmacy Dispensing.

American Family Care (AFC) Urgent Care Centers are the best way to access healthcare while maximizing your time and money!

American Family Care (AFC) Urgent Care Centers can effectively, efficiently and accurately treat; Sniffles, Coughs, Illness, Ear Aches, Abdominal Pain, Vomiting, Diarrhea, Dehydration, Urinary Track Infections, Breaks, Sprains, Cuts, Sore Throats, Skin Rashes, Migraine Headaches, Eye Irritation, Fever, Back Problems, Asthma Relief, Accidents Tips, Falls, etc. THIS IS ONLY A PARTIAL LIST.

Some more examples of conditions appropriate for the Emergency Room: Amputation, Breathing Obstruction, Convulsions or Seizures, Difficulty Breathing.




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