Preparing for a Safe Halloween

Halloween is right around the corner, and while some activities will be discouraged this holiday season, there are still ways to participate in the festivities while staying safe. If you are trying to plan for Halloween, try some of these alternatives to higher risk activities for a fun-filled fall!  

Safer, lower risk activities

There are several fall activities that you and your family can do safely while maintaining social distancing guidelines. You can carve or decorate pumpkins together, with non-toxic paint available at craft and big-box stores for children that are too young to carve on their own. These pumpkins can be used to decorate the outside of your home, displayed on your deck, porch or lining your driveway. You can also decorate the inside of your home with festive fake cobwebs, plastic bats, witches, skeletons, banners and lights, available at most stores. For an alternative to trick-or-treating, you can arrange a scavenger hunt for the members of your family, hiding candy and other prizes around the home for other members to find. If you are unable to be with your friends this holiday, you can still celebrate with a virtual party with everyone in costume in a group video chat from the comfort of your own home!

What are moderate risk activities for fall?

Some activities may be allowed this fall that come with moderate risks for COVID-19 exposure. One of the ways you can give out candy safely is by participating in one-way trick-or-treating: creating pre-made goody bags and leaving them a safe enough distance from your front door, ideally along the edge of your yard or driveway. If you put goody bags together, it is important to wash your hands before and after handling the candy, or to wear gloves as you assemble them to reduce transmission of germs. If you are going to bring your child trick-or-treating, make sure they continue to wear a mask and gloves while collecting candy. A Halloween mask that is part of a costume is not considered a good alternative for a protective mask or face covering. 

Types of activities to avoid this fall

Many of the most common fall activities are going to be considered higher risk this fall and should be avoided. This includes traditional door-to-door trick-or-treating, which puts your child at higher risk of exposure to strangers who may have been exposed to the virus, as well as haunted houses and hayrides. Haunted houses where people are shouting, in close proximity to each other and not wearing masks can quickly lead to spread. 

COVID-19 Diagnostic Testing in Lakewood, Littleton & Golden, CO

If you begin to exhibit symptoms of COVID-19 or have been exposed to someone with COVID-19, visit AFC Urgent Care Lakewood for walk-in diagnostic swab testing seven days a week. Our center offers convenient and extended hours to accommodate your needs and schedule, and most major insurance carriers are accepted. For more information or questions about testing or symptoms, call 303-988-3600.